Which Tropical Cocktail Fits your Personality?

Summer is fading ... but another will come! We've had many experiences. We've made many choices, some of them good, others ... well, we are in a cocktail bar, aren't we?

Tropical cocktails tell a story. A Tahitian sunset ... a trek through the rainforest ... a tiki bar luau ... a mouthful of sand from a beach faceplant.

These cocktails share one thing in common, though. Beneath layers of juices, syrups, sugars, and garnishes of pineapple wedge is usually an unruly helping of rum. It may feel like you're drinking Hi-C ... but that's a lot of alcohol going down easy. Add the glistening summer sun, and it's a party. 

What does the tropical cocktail in your hand say about you?

The Classic Daiquiri.

"Watch how I can hold my liquor."

Far from a blended adult smoothie, these specialty cocktails were traditionally a chance for mixologists to show their stuff in the summer. From a base of rum, citrus juice, and sugar, the possibilities are endless, unique to each cocktail bar. 

The Mai Tai.

"I only drink cocktails garnished with a whole rainforest."

Tart, citrusy, not too sweet and very strong.  This potion mixes light rum, dark rum, orange Curaçao, fresh lime juice, Orgeat syrup, and fresh lime juice. 

The Piña Colada.

"The song is actually called 'Escape.'"

Made even more famous by the Rupert Holmes song, this sweet confection can be enjoyed frozen or on the rocks. The key ingredients are rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice.

The Navy Grog.

"I bet I could beat up Rupert Holmes."

Not for wimps, the Navy Grog is a tropical cocktail that packs a punch. A concoction of lime juice, grapefruit juice, honey, club soda, and rum ... all the rum.

The Sling.

"This paradise would be better with a cheeseburger."

A variation on the "Singapore Sling" is the less common "Kingston Sling." The Kingston version blends Jamaican rum, citrus juice, Benedictine, mango, and bitters.

The Rum Punch.

"Your cabana has a sleeper sofa, right?"

 Sequestered amid innocent fruit juices, the rum content of this drink sneaks up on you. Ingredients vary, but orange juice, pineapple juice, light rum, coconut rum, and maraschino cherries are classics.

This list only scratches the surface. Outside of the best known tropical cocktails are a world of beachy drinks dreamed up by sunburnt mixologists. Stop by Wiki Wiki Sandbar in Folly Beach, SC to test your mettle against the likes of:

  • Bora Bora Belle

  • Suffering Bastard

  • Stone God

  • Pineapple "Incident"

  • The Castaway

Which of these specialty cocktails suits your personality? Try a few at Wiki Wiki Sandbar and find out! Remember, enjoy responsibly

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